Q and A: mushy pickles and tomato juice — 6 Comments

  1. Adding one grape leaf to a jar of pickles will keep them crunchy. Has worked for me the last two years.

  2. PC,

    I read the article. Wow, poisoned by zucchinis! They may have been either crossed with gourds or actually gourds as many decorative gourds contain bitter cucurbitacin, a toxic substance found in some wild squash and gourds. This is VERY rare so please folks, don’t be afraid to eat those zucchinis. When in doubt or just to be safest, just nibble a little piece before cooking it. If it’s bitter, toss it where chickens and animals won’t get it. Again, extremely rare.

  3. Ellendra,

    Boy did you score on the tomatoes! And the strainer! Cool. I like the salsa screen for making “crushed” tomato sauce for pizza. I like the texture but I like my salsa chunkier than that so for salsa I don’t use the screen; I just hand-chop the veggies. It’s great what you can find sometimes!

  4. I scored a Back-2-Basics strainer from goodwill for $20, it’s been a Godsend!

    For chunkier sauce, I use the salsa screen. It also makes it easier to use my grape tomatoes for sauce, since those are the ones that are usually the most productive. It also came in handy last year when a misunderstanding resulted in a nearby relative planting 36 tomato plants, when she usually only has 6. She invited my dad over ever week to help pick, he was bringing home laundry baskets full of tomatoes! We just used the last jar of those this week.

  5. That Victorio Tomato Strainer is on santa’s list this year. After seeing it at your seminar I can see how much better they are. Can’t wait! Thanks for all you do, Miss Jackie, it really helps the rest of us!!!