We’re madly harvesting tomato seeds — 4 Comments

  1. M Blaney,

    Sorry your green beans didn’t do so well this year. And thank you in advance for buying seeds from us. Every little bit helps!

  2. Lisa,
    We’ll include a page of photos in our new catalog. We aren’t able to offer great photos of each variety like some folks do as those color photos make our catalog so expensive we can’t afford it. But we’ll try to include some of the spectacular ones and give good descriptions of the others. Funny thing with age, you lose memory but gain chins….. Hmm why couldn’t it be in reverse???

  3. Jackie I am definitely buying seeds from you next year!!!!

    My tomatoes did great this year but green beans not so great – am going to buy from you seeds that I know for sure can handle our weather up here in NE Ontario

  4. Good golly those tomatoes look gorgeous! Almost like Christmas ornaments!! When you sell seed, do you put a picture with them… cause I would like to buy some tie-dyed ones (probably the others also) but won’t remember the names, etc. Memory is going faster than anything nowadays! Glad you are keeping busy, but glad you have been having fun with visitors! Have a great Wednesday! Lisa