So much food! — 5 Comments

  1. Deb,

    Yeah, Will likes harvesting beans and peas. I’m truly grateful to have such a like-minded partner. (Hey, we have our “days” where we get crosswise on stuff, just like everyone else. We’re far from perfect!!!) So you’re adding an addition? Great. Snow’s forecast soon. Yuck!!

  2. Jackie, the sight of Will stomping on provider beans would be a great video.
    Just can’t picture him doing that. He really pitches in with everything going on.
    From shelling beans, saving seeds, filling seed packets to all the major projects
    on the farm. He is my hero. We have a concrete block guy here today and I am thinking if you were adding an addition as we are then Will would be laying the concret block. And of course, you would be there helping him all the way and also giving him advice on how to do it right. You both are an inspiration to me and I hold you up as an example of true pioneers of the 21st century.
    Hope you have enough time to harvest everything before the snow flies or maybe it already has in northern Minnesota. I love all the pictures you are putting on your blog.

  3. Some think there may indeed come a time of widespread trouble and lack. Others feel it is prudent to be prepared in the event of personal problems such as poor health or injury or weather conditions like drought, flooding or even financial challenges. I have felt for many years every time I put a jar of something I have grown on a pantry shelf “that is something I don’t have to buy.” And to me it is better than the commercially produced stuff because I KNOW what went into the container and how it was grown and prepared. Busy days spent putting the harvest up makes me very grateful for a patch of ground, sunshine and rain, strength to work, to God for provision and for Miss Jackie our mentor!!!! Rick

  4. maybe it is like the 7 fat years and the 7 lean years in joseph’s time in egypt?
    save all you are able.
    you never know what’s coming.