Q and A: canning pickled eggs and beets together and Will’s inventions — 11 Comments

  1. thanks for taking the time to reply, Jackie! Hope you stay dry today during chores (we rain here in Embarrass right now :) )

  2. Mary Ann,

    Yes, we’ll be using a wood-fired stock tank heater in each of our big stock tanks this winter. They do work well but you need to be around to keep stuffing wood in them. No, they needed no revisions. They work great, as is.

  3. I was just talking with my husband about this last night. I remember your posts about the cowboy heaters Will made. I was wondering how that ended up working out in the long run. Did you stick with your final version? Is that what you plan to do this winter?

  4. All,

    Will just groaned and went back to filling in the trench in the driveway. (But secretly I think he was flattered!)

    We homesteaders are truly a creative bunch.

  5. I second the ‘anti-freeze’ system for the animals watering tank, and also the way to heat the water for your hot tub. Write the book Will, no way would it remain on the shelf!

  6. Agree with suggestion above – but you could sell millions of Will’s book if you could clone him and include a clone with each book at a slight extra cost…or if no clone, how about a life size paper cutout that we could tack up in garages and barns for inspiration?

  7. I bet if you did a mini poll, Will would be amazed at the interest a book like this would bring. I have nothing but admiration for guys like Will that use their brains and ingenuity to build things. My Dad was like that, he told me one time, if you can’t afford it, can’t find it, build it! His area was more in the car line though. When I was a kid he built a car by using a ford chassis, a dodge motor, crystler transmission, and a chevy clutch. He just created his own adapters. We drove that car for several years.

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  8. i know many would be interested in that invention that keeps the cows’ water from freezing, especially as this winter is supposed to be even colder than the last one.

  9. Wow, me too. I would love to see a very basic chicken tractor plan.
    Something a person with no skill could construct. And perhaps Will could do
    a video for Youtube as you have done Jackie. I would love to have the sprinkler he built as the ones I have purchased on Amazon all leak. I bet all of the readers could make suggestions. Will is probably upset with Lois right about now for giving him more work. I love this forum for thoughts and ideas.