We have a new four-wheeler — 3 Comments

  1. gen,

    I know what you mean. I often stop to look around our pantry when I go down to retrieve something for dinner. Sigh…. Life is good.

    I understand about the lack of neighborliness; when new city people buy land around here the first thing to go up is a big gate and the second is a rash of NO TRESPASSING signs. (Like anyone would go in there anyway.) It sure takes away the neighbor feeling right off the bat.

  2. I dream of having a small ‘mule’, for gas economy, ease of getting around the farm, or getting to a hunting area; they can’t be beat. I’m so very very happy you were able to find a replacement for the one that broke beyond Will’s considerable abilities to keep it going. Congratulations! Thank God for folks like you and Will that are still willing to help their neighbors. Where I live, it’s more a dog eat dog area, with nothing but NO Trespassing signs, and dogs chained up that terrify the dickens out of me. I guess because we’re between a couple of large urban areas, but I don’t find that a good excuse. Dad and I have gone from canning produce back to canning meat and beans, beans, beans! I love all the recipes for them. It isn’t like having to eat the same thing over and over again. I absolutely love looking at my new pantry, and knowing “I DID THAT.” What a feeling, thanks for all the years of encouragement you have given!

  3. Miss Jackie, So glad to see New Blue on your homestead!!!! It will be a blessing!
    In a recent post you spoke of crab apples….I had been looking at them in the Fedco catalog. ( I purchased a number of their heirloom apples over the past several years, and I think I see fruiting spurs on one of them!!!)….I recall crab apples from my growing up years. We had one tree on our farm. We picked its 2 inch dark red fruit to eat on the way to school in the fall. Mom made spiced crab apples to compliment holiday meals. Our neighbor had a crab that was prolific but tasted nasty. What varieties do you like for juice, eating, jelly, etc.? I don’t even know where there is a crab apple tree today, other than flowering crabs in lawns in town. Rick