I hope your Thanksgiving was as nice as ours — 6 Comments

  1. gen,

    I love having bacon dices canned up in half pint jars. It’s so handy! I also do ham and chicken dices for the same reason. Hopping John? Now I’m drooling. Darn

  2. deborah havey,

    Yes, I know what you mean. First there was the euthanasia of thousands of baby pigs by big breeders because they couldn’t get $20 apiece, which is the “break even” price for baby pigs, then there was the baby pig virus that killed thousands of piggies. After that, pig prices did, indeed climb. Last spring, 8 week old baby pigs were selling for $150 each! Then it slowly declined. Will said at the sale barn, baby pigs were selling for $17 each! Pig prices go up and down quite fast as it only takes a year for raisers to get “into business” due to the breeding age and gestation time of sows where cattle prices are slower as it takes two years to raise a heifer to breeding age and nine more months before she has a calf…and another two years before the calf is butchering size.

  3. As to cheap pork, I noticed the same, but with the droughts out west, it’s either sell low, or just destroy and cremate. I think some cash flow coming in to the farmers is better than none, but with business practices, one never knows. My grand daughter loves pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom soup, so I’ve been stocking up for her. I’ve also been getting more bacon than normal, and dad and i have been canning REAL bacon bits in half pint jars, I’m a happy camper! Hopping John for New Years, with some ham and smoked sausage diced into it, I just might have to make some before then.

  4. hi. i love the winter squash to eat raW IN SLICES.


    [sorry abt. caps. errant little finger.]

    pork has been very low here in ne ohio. after that pig virus scare a couple of seasons ago i thought pork would be harder to get.

    God bless you!

  5. I canned 6 quarts of turkey and 4 quarts of broth. Yum!!! 4 quarts of potato soup. Potatoes, onions and celery canned and ready to heat and add milk and butter, salt and pepper. Again, YUM!!!