Q and A: book idea and neutralizing urine odor — 4 Comments

  1. Agree on a book for Will. It would be a great resource to have his projects in book, complete with diagrams!!

  2. Good deal! Next spring starts the chicken house. Don’t know about chickens yet until I can talk my hubby into stopping the fairs. But we sell lots of roasted nuts and that will help me on my way to being self-sufficient.

  3. Nancy,

    Yes, it does help in the chicken coop. I clean the coop well, then sprinkle either lime or baking soda on the dirt floor, then spread about six inches of new wood shavings over it. I’ve never had trouble with the chickens digging up and eating the lime or baking soda.

  4. I wonder if that would work for a chicken house. I want a dirt floor in my chicken house as I am going to bury cement blocks at least 4 deep to keep our the critters. Will the lime or baking soda be okay for them or will they eat it. Guess I will have to look that up.