Q and A: emergency escape vehicle, canning hamburger, cold hardy apricot tree — 3 Comments

  1. I just canned 11 quarts of hamburger yesterday (1/14/16). I make meat balls with the hamburger. I fill a big pan with water, let it come to almost a boil, and drop the meatballs in the water for a few minutes. Remove the balls with a slotted spoon. This basically “seals” the meat so it doesn’t appear to look raw in the finished jars. I have a problem looking at raw meat for some reason. When all my meatballs have had their dunk, I fill the jars (usually 12 meat balls per quart for me) and I use the hot water that I used to seal the meatballs.

    Works great for us, especially when daylight savings arrives – we find ourselves coming in when the sun goes down. I’m usually so pooped that I don’t even want to make dinner — but using the easy-peasy canned meats makes my life simple, productive and we eat good, wholesome food (even though this old lady’s bottom is dragging!).

    Happy Day To All!

  2. Re cold hardy apricots, I’m also waiting for St. Lawrence to come back. I also have Moongold and Sungold and would not buy them again or recommend them for my growing conditions. They do, as advertised, tolerate very low temps (-30 and colder) but what no one mentions is that they do not tolerate (die) freeze-thaw, which is what I have every spring. As long as they are in a cold climate that stays cold until consistent warmer temps they will do well. Flavor is intense and they are very juicy. I have another cold hardy apricot that doesn’t have good flavor and is small and dry.