Hey, it’s not all work and no play — 7 Comments

  1. Sheryl,

    Yeah, I think so too. Bill built it from trees he hauled in from the woods. I’m real proud of him and his wife, Kelly!

  2. gen,

    I think Kelly got it at Wal-Mart. Not sure, tho. Sounds like you’ve got a good helper and will get lots done. I don’t know if we’ll be taking an apprentice this year or not. That’s still open to discussion.
    Ah! Wind scented clothing and bedding. SO nice!

  3. Rick,

    I’m not so sure I believe a fat groundhog, either, but I know I sure am champing at the bit to get planting. Sigh. But it/s snowing……

  4. I am going hunting for that game, it sounds hilarious! Any idea what store might carry it? Your grandchildren have grown so much!
    This year I’m having help to build three raised beds, 2 will have hinged chicken wire tops to try and keep out squirrels, feral cats, and loose running dogs; also we’re building a compost container and replacing the bridge over the ‘creek’ behind my house. The same person is going to help me replace all the screening in my old screen windows, after 40 years, mine are shot. AND, I’ll be getting new lines to hang my clothing outside this summer. I can smell those sunshine flavored sheets already. It’s the small things in life!
    Thank goodness for the young man who has volunteered his services, for a bit of my home cooking, LOL.
    Jackie, I haven’t seen you mention whether or not you would be taking applications for another apprentice like last year. I know, me being nosy, but I was wondering.

  5. Miss Jackie, The pie face game would be great, especially if one had a nice pie made from Hopi pale grey squash to enjoy with the whipped cream!!!!
    According to Punxutawney Phil, the most famous groundhog weather prognosticator in Pennsylvania, because he didn’t see his shadow when his handlers brought him out this morning near daybreak at Gobbler’s Knob, WE WILL HAVE AN EARLY SPRING!!!!! I am not convinced of his prescience concerning FUTURE weather patterns, so I am taking a wait and see attitude.( I am more impressed with your local beavers….)
    BUT I have an inner urge to start my pepper plants a bit earlier than I usually do so that even if spring is not so early as we hope, they may be big and husky for transplant into the garden. That recent article in the Backwoods Home magazine is making me think about things I could use to make an inexpensive greenhouse when the ground gets thawed. Rick

  6. Pie face seems to be a hit! We played that at Christmas time with Jim’s family, and low and behold, Jim got one for his 57th bday…guess you are never too old to get a pie in your face! Enjoy picking out selections for the garden, I think Spring will be coming sooner than usual this year!