Our first petunias are up — 19 Comments

  1. Jackie,

    I read you regularly and love your gardening advice recipes and stories.

    My hubs had the surgery you are speaking of done with 3 days hosp stay and has never been happier. I wish you the best.

  2. Brandy,

    You’re right. For my peppers and tomatoes I use Jiffy 7 peat pellets then when I transplant I just stick each one in a Styrofoam cup with Pro-Mix seed starter mix. It’s faster than using just the Pro-Mix in larger containers then pulling each plant and transplanting.

  3. All,

    Thank you SO very much for all the love and prayers. I had the procedures and all went fine. But the gastroenterologist said I really needed surgery to remove the section of colon which had several larger pockets. He figured that was causing all of the recurring symptoms. Ugh. But if so, I’m trying to get it done asap so I’ll be well healed for spring as I’ll be giving two keynote addresses at the self-reliance expo in Dallas, May 22nd. Plus, of course, GARDENING!!! Again, thank you all so much.

  4. Prayers from me too…I hope it went well and there isn’t anything serious wrong.

  5. I am right there with all the rest of your fan club, best wishes and prayers for you that all is ok and it is just something simple that you need to adjust your diets for.

  6. Jackie, as you can tell there are lots of prayers going out for you today, and prayers work. All will go well and answers will be found. You can lean on Him. God bless.

  7. Jackie, I will pray for you also. I know it can be scary but God will take care of you. Will pray for Drs wisdom and your peace. Love spring time and new growth.

  8. Jackie, I will be praying for you and Will. I know that the procedure will go well and answers will be found. I pray that God will give you peace, understanding, strength, and healing. Staci

  9. I will join the prayer team and put you at the top of the list! May God bless you with peace and strength to handle the procedure and results.

  10. My prayers for you Jackie! Hoping all goes well and the docs are able to figure out the reason for your symptoms. Love seeing that little petunia. Bring on spring! We are supposed to have some beautiful temps next week here in Michigan so I hope it gets to you first.

  11. Lifting up prayers for you Jackie. I pray the Lord surrounds you with His peace and gives you a good report from the doctors.

  12. Best wishes to you for your procedure tomorrow.. Also wonder what kind of potting soil you are using? Looks like peat pots

  13. You will be in my prayers! That’s some addiction, wish more of us had one just like it. I received my first NEW canner, an All American, today. It’s small, a 915, but I’m not up to the weight of the larger ones, and this will do me just fine. I been dancing a jig ever since I ordered it. Tonight I’m going to be reading the direction book for it, cover to cover.
    Again, good luck tomorrow, and I won’t forget to add you to my prayer list.