It’s still wet here, but boy is the garden ever producing! — 8 Comments

  1. Anna,

    So don’t be embarrassed! You should see the weeds in our north garden where it’s chiefly white clay and so wet we can’t hardly walk in it, let alone till or weed!

  2. Carol,

    The term “refined” means slender and dainty looking. We’re simply loving Magpie! As well as some of our other new beans.

  3. Wow… what a lovely, huge, productive garden. I’m saved from embarrassment in comparison, however, by remembering what you always say about how it takes time for gardens to become productive.

  4. Jackie you read my mind for dinner menu… BLT are delicious but definitely more so with garden fresh tomato and lettuce! Garden been dong great especially the berries.. if only those nasty Japanese beetles would go away! Enjoy the remaining summer!

  5. The garden looks awesome! Envious of your rain; not much here in our Michigan area this summer and everything not watered by us is quite crispy. Hope you’re able to get the hay in as you plan. Thanks for the update and the photos Jackie!

  6. Jackie, your new bean varieties sound great. I’m especially looking for a good yellow pole bean so I’ll be ordering some of yours later. You said “refined” green bean. That’s a new term to me. What does it mean? Our Providers are our staple, too and this year is no exception. I love trying new crops from your suggestions. They’ve all done very well.

  7. Your garden looks amazing, e specially your corn. It has been hot and dry here in Utah, and some of the farmers had their irrigation water reduced. I got corn for freezing from a farmer and it is tasty, but not as large or full as last yea.

    Glad you are having such succe sss this year, as I told a lot of the young mothers in my area, who are starting to can, when you have a great year, you can a little extra in case the next year is not so good.

    Thanks for sharing your life and garden with us.