The big Bill Bean is ripe — 8 Comments

  1. That tomato reminds me of a sweet potato that was given to me. The man said he was sorry because he only had three or four left but if I wanted them I could have them. I got SEVEN pints out of one potato!!!!

  2. I thought that was some kind of turban type gourd pumpkin thing, lol.

    Amazing hope you have some seeds from that. You are amazing!!

  3. My oh My oh MY!!! That is a whopper if I have ever seen one. You are a super tomato grower!! Hope you can handle the heat in Fla. I was wondering if you could share why Sanibel is on your bucket list? What about it attracted you to wish to go there? I hope you can rest up a bit on the plane. You must be running gangbusters. God Bless Will and his abilities to fix and maintain machinery. He’s pretty wonderful. Be safe and hurry home.

  4. WOW! Those are glorious! So happy to hear that the haying is done.. not so happy to hear that Will has a winter’s worth of repairs to do. (But aren’t we lucky that our guys are so able to do those repairs?) Have a safe journey. Your audiences are so enriched by hearing your presentations. Blessings.

  5. Jackie how big is the core of that tomato. Could you please post a picture when it is cut. Thank you.

  6. My husband loves large tomatoes. He really was impressed with that Bill Bean. Do you think it would grow well in upper Mississippi?

  7. Ok I am humbled! I though I grew alot of big tomatoes, but mine look like cherry tomatoes compare to yours!! Wow! That could easily feed one family for a week!!! :-) Have a great trip and be safe!