Sunny, warm fall weather lets us get lots done — 7 Comments

  1. Matty,

    Boy, that’s a hard one! A couple of our new favorites are Speckled Roman, G. Chalmers Large Paste, Mia’s Italian paste and Enormous Plum. We’ve trialed many new-to-us paste tomatoes this year and most were huge successes!

  2. Reg,

    Thanks for the update. We always love to hear gardener’s success stories! The Hungarian Wax peppers are very productive. They are one of Will’s favorites.

  3. Great article! Which tomatoes make the best canned tomato sauce in your opinion? I want to pick up a couple packs of seeds from your site and am curious which ones you would suggest?

  4. Field update on the Hungarian Wax peppers from last spring. First up and actually had blossoms on them when set out. Five plants produced all we could use and more. Great for stir frys, also used in making a green chili base and found they will slip the skins when roasted like Anaheim peppers. These will be in the garden next year for sure.

  5. Angie,

    Yes, we will. We’re in full harvest mode right now and as soon as that lets up, I’ll update our website for sure.

  6. I’m working on a bean breeding project, and those Folsom beans just got added to the list of things to cross them with!

  7. Hi Jackie,
    Will you have any seeds from the Enormous Plum Paste Tomato for sale?
    I looked in the Seed Treasures Catalog and did not see it listed.
    Thank You