Back from the Denver Self Reliance Expo and back to work — 8 Comments

  1. Rick Riley,

    We love our hoop houses! Sorry to hear yours didn’t get built due to health issues. Been there; done that! You know I tried to sprout the wonderful sweet potatoes you graciously sent us and not ONE spouted! I was so sad. I’ve never had trouble before but maybe yours just didn’t think they’d grow in Minnesota?? Boo. The one we ate was really great though.

    Bad me. Due to being too busy, ol’ Jess is still waiting computer magic to happen. I PROMISE I’ll get at the next book soon. It just needs some editing, not writing.

  2. DonnaB,

    One of the reasons I dreaded the election is that I sure hate for foreign countries to judge ME by our country’s leader! Whew what an ugly thought. But now, at least the struggle for power is over. Now we just have to see how it all plays out.

  3. Well, since everyone is chiming in then I shall too. I agree with Karen. I did not look at the individual. We are all flawed. I looked at what they said they would do. I could not abide with a continuation of the last eight years. Easy choice.

  4. I had no problem with voting. As long as the Constitution party exists it will continue to get my vote. I go home with a clear conscience knowing I didnt pick between the lesser of two evils.
    I’m really excited about freeze drying and plan on getting one soon. I hope the seed drying works. We are still on the grid, so this way we can store our products without worrying about having to have electricity to run our freezers.

  5. Hi Jackie, i know your pain. I’m so glad elections are over,I stood at the voting machine trying to push a button. The weather has finally changed here in north Georgia. It has been unseasonably hot and we’re in an extreme drought. We really have to watch for fires. Today was windy and that’s not good. Hope your fall is better.

  6. Miss Jackie, I too am glad the election is over, now if there is a smooth transition….So glad I live in the sticks. I tried the big city pressures. That apple was rotten and full of worms….
    It looks as if that is one of your hoop houses in the background. Did you try any sweet potatoes in one? I collected the materials to make one about 12X24 feet this summer past, but was unable to do the work due to injured wrists and double cataract surgery, so it’s on the to do list for spring. C’mon spring time. Can’t wait to start some seeds.
    Is there any news from Jess Hazzard? Rick

  7. Jackie, I really feel for you and your country with this election. With the millions of people in the U.S., these two are the best you have to choose from?

    I also agree with your comment about the large cities and emergencies. A home in the country and the homesteading life has always been my dream. The desire becomes stronger and stronger each year as the corporate greed climbs and we continue to be held hostage to the necessities of life. I am so grateful that for my living skills. I can sure understand why it feels great to get home again!