It’s mid-forties but cloudy and misty today — 6 Comments

  1. having just written an extended comment, I do hope it is received

    Susan Brinksma

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I have tried before to leave a comment but haven’t succeeded. Thought that I’d give it another try.
    I live in Australia. In the state of Victoria. We are just coming into the season we call Autumn and you of course call Fall.
    I have been reading everything you write for years now and love your common sense and advice you give to all. I also have several of your books which I’ve received for gifts from a very considerate daughter.
    This comment is really a very big THANK YOU from me, and I look forward to reading every post for many years to come.
    with high regards

  3. Ohmygoodness! I can see your green grass! We still have 24 inches of snow and more on the way. WAAAA!

  4. Rick,

    You bet it’s a huge blessing! As is our life here. Yep, the water’s frozen again. Tonight it’s supposed to be teens below zero. Brrr. But we know spring’s coming. Yea!

  5. Miss Jackie. Those huge trees for more lumber How great a blessing!
    I have been following your weather and temps. I’d bet the water has frozen on the beaver dam again…..SOON spring time will be here so we can really do what is our passion, grow wonderful things to can and eat fresh. Rick

  6. thank you for such a pretty page and thought today. My order arrived and I am sharing it with some friends.