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Jackie Clay

I had a terrible spring cold

Monday, May 1st, 2017

I hope I haven’t worried any of you but I just wasn’t up to blogging last week. I got a terrible spring cold — runny nose and coughing 24/7. Yep, I took zinc, vitamin C, etc. But it still hung on. Finally, yesterday, it started letting up and today I feel much better. Whew, I’m glad that’s over! Luckily, our spring weather was cold and rainy so I didn’t get too crazy waiting to get outside and do something.

David and girlfriend Ashley collected a big truckload of pallets from our local lumber yard (with permission, of course). Then they set about building … a duck house? Okay, a few weeks back, Ashley bought four ducklings from our local farm store. They’ve been housed in a plastic tote in the bedroom. But ducklings grow really fast and are hugely messy, playing in water more than drinking it. They had to go somewhere safe. When they asked where would be a good spot to build a duck house, I envisioned something like a dog house with a fence. So I walked them down to the garden edge where there’s a nice spot with some young poplar and chokecherry trees in it for shade. Well, they started building the floor. Holy buckets, it’s 8′ x 10′ square!

They sheeted the pallet floor with OSB and leveled it nicely, then started screwing pallets together for the walls, which were then sheeted on the outside with OSB. A trip to the lumber yard brought back enough 2x4s to do the rafters and upper side walls. Unfortunately, they ran out of cash about then. David brought home some used cedar 5/4 decking from a deck the company he works for was replacing and used that for purlins for the roof. They plan on buying sheet metal for the roof but for the time being, it’s covered by a plastic tarp until a paycheck rolls around.

Yesterday was gorgeous and I walked around outside, enjoying the sun, looking at the garden, orchard, and flower beds. Will is taking apart our house garden’s raised beds as we decided to re-do it as a regular row-crop type garden, which fits our needs more right now. And the raised beds were in sad need of either fixing or replacing.

We’d heard we were in for a nasty start to May; up to 8 inches of snow! SNOW on May 1st? Hey, it’s northern Minnesota, after all. So we did extra chores like setting out round bales for the cattle and horses, picking up miscellaneous tools, and putting out extra bedding for the goats. And it paid off.

At 7 this morning, it was raining off and on. But in an hour the snow began. And now it’s snowing like a blizzard. Tomorrow they’re forecasting fifty degrees! Wow … — Jackie

8 Responses to “I had a terrible spring cold”

  1. Deborah Bradley Says:

    Yes,Jackie. I missed you terribly!! So sorry you had a cold, glad you are better and back. The duck house looks huge. Going to be some pampered ducks for sure. Thanks for all you do for everyone. I soooo love hearing about what’s going on at your homestead. Stay well, a busy summer is coming up.

  2. zerilda Wornica Says:

    jWe missed you. Glad you are feeling better, colds are just plain miserable.
    Snow in May, it sounds like springtime in the Rockies..Last week we had wind, rain, and snow and now this week in the 60 and 70’s…Wish mother nature would make up her mind. We are ready for spring.

    Take care of yourself and get well.

  3. Erica Carman Says:

    We were getting quite concerned, and praying for you and your family.
    Glad to hear you’re getting better!
    God bless!

  4. Linda Bee Says:

    There was a show on saving seeds on PBS recently that made me think of you. Thank you for starting your seed business. The show was scary because they determined that over 90% of seeds have become extinct. Your business is extremely important for the future.

  5. Zelda Says:

    Duck eggs make the most wonderful baked goods, and a roast duck is such good eating. LOL you can also make that wonderful old fashioned holiday treat, a turkey stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a chicken which is stuffed with a smaller bird. Roast on a spit or in your oven. Yum. Sounds like you have a very useful addition to your homestead.

  6. Sheryl Napier Says:

    Deb and I were worried about you as well. So glad to hear you are on the mend.
    I think should kick the ducks out and use the duck house as a guest cottage!

  7. DonnaB Says:

    Linda Bee, well said!

    I fully agree with your comment and am also extremely grateful that Jackie and Will’s seed business is keeping heritage and non-GMO seeds alive for the future generations.

  8. entire tilton Says:

    Just KNEW something was wrong,,,, glad it was just a cold. As Erica says, we were concerned, and were praying for you.

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