We’ve got beautiful wild orchids in bloom — 4 Comments

  1. Lisa,

    Oh yeah! We’re real glad Spencer is still “active”. We have to say “grass dwelling rodent” now. If we mention “ground squirrel” he goes nuts, along with Hondo! But Geez, do they have to rip our car apart????

  2. Diana,

    Yep, I’m sure it can be fixed; after all, some is plastic! But WOW~

  3. Well, I know this is not what you want to hear probably, but I am sure glad Spencer has some ‘get up and go’ still at his age! :-) also it may not be that pretty anymore, but if it runs, all’s good! You should tell Will that he needs to keep a better eye on your furry kids! :-) Happy Wednesday!

  4. Oh gosh, as they say, it’s just sheet metal. David is handy – he’ll be able to fix it like new. A little bondo…..