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Jackie Clay

We’ve got beautiful wild orchids in bloom

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

We have a “secret” spot along the woods where Showy Lady’s Slipper orchids bloom, the state flower of Minnesota. And they are just now starting to bloom in force. There are dozens and dozens of them, too, so they make quite a show. I love the way they begin to bloom. First there’s a big, pure white puffy “snowdrop”. Then, quite quickly, the drop begins to open, slowly revealing the gorgeous pink and white “slipper. They are so big!

A couple of days ago, we had an unusual (and not happy) happening. Will was in the garden mulching and I was in town buying feed. He heard Spencer and Hondo, our dogs, barking like they do when they have a ground squirrel at bay. He didn’t think much of it until ten minutes later when he ran the four-wheeler and trailer up to get more bales of hay. He stopped, at our older Subaru, jaw dropping. The dogs had yanked both wheel well covers off and the bumper was sagging down several inches!

Obviously, the ground squirrel had run up under the hood and the dogs were bound to get him. Wow does my beautiful trusty Subaru look awful. (Sure can’t turn it in to the insurance; I can see me now: Yes, my car was attacked by wild dogs. Well, they WERE wild, trying to catch that ground squirrel!) David took a look and said he can fix it. I hope so. It’s an older car but very trustworthy.

The garden looks fantastic and we have high hopes for a very productive year. Will went out yesterday and finished putting up a two-strand electric tape all around the north garden as cows have eaten it twice before and we don’t want that to happen again, especially as well as it’s doing this year. The corn, pumpkins, and squash all look great and the “extra” tomatoes and potatoes are coming on strong. — Jackie

4 Responses to “We’ve got beautiful wild orchids in bloom”

  1. Diana Says:

    Oh gosh, as they say, it’s just sheet metal. David is handy – he’ll be able to fix it like new. A little bondo…..

  2. Lisa Basso Says:

    Well, I know this is not what you want to hear probably, but I am sure glad Spencer has some ‘get up and go’ still at his age! :-) also it may not be that pretty anymore, but if it runs, all’s good! You should tell Will that he needs to keep a better eye on your furry kids! :-) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Jackie Says:


    Yep, I’m sure it can be fixed; after all, some is plastic! But WOW~

  4. Jackie Says:


    Oh yeah! We’re real glad Spencer is still “active”. We have to say “grass dwelling rodent” now. If we mention “ground squirrel” he goes nuts, along with Hondo! But Geez, do they have to rip our car apart????

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