We had a perfect weekend — 9 Comments

  1. We are getting our garden worked up at as well though it’s not close to your size. Maybe some day… I bought several tomato seeds from your Seed Treasures. They have done exceptionally well and are getting quite big already. Most a foot or more high. I live in Zone 4 and am wondering how soon could I plant them? I have Wall-o-Waters to protect them. I’m afraid if I wait 3 more weeks they’ll get too big. Please advise. Thanks!

    • I’d wait a week, then set out your tomatoes in the Wall’O Waters. If they are too tall then, just make a shallow trench and bury most of the stem, curving the top part up gently so only about six inches or so of leaves are above the soil. (The stem part you buried will then root and make the plant even stronger. I’ve had Wall’O Waters protect my plants at 18 degrees, with a foot of snow! They didn’t just “live” but actually grew! Don’t worry about a smaller garden. Our first one here was only 10′ by 4′. But every year since, the garden(s) have grown and grown…..

  2. We have hardly taken a breath since the weather broke! Got hot ere today and very windy.
    Quick question. How far apart should tomato’s be planted and spaced?
    I remember how excited we were with our first home. Can’t be done soon enough.

    • Although some folks plant their tomatoes 3-4 feet apart, I prefer at least 6 feet as they don’t get crowded that way and are easier to work with. As we save pure seed, we plant our tomatoes at least 8′ apart and sometimes even farther, just to ensure the flowers don’t rub against neighboring flowers. (Yes, it IS still possible for insects to cross pollinate tomatoes but with us, it seldom, if ever, happens.)

  3. The house is coming along great. Glad you’ve had the weather to make good progress. Bet David and Ashley are so tickled to get walls up! Good to see your garden work and hear about your plants. One foot tomatoes and peppers… wow! How are the baby calves doing?

    • The calves are getting huge! I’ll add a photo to a blog so you can see them.

    • It is exciting and soon more will happen as we are promised another good weekend.