We finally got rain — 6 Comments

  1. For those of you who are asking, I just got this information on my newest Western, Spring of the Vultures. Those who read on Kindles and Kindle reading apps for their phones and devices can pre-order the book now for delivery on June 1st here:
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  2. Miss Jackie, Unless you all plan on keeping that older bull calf as a potential breeder or to sell him for such, I see some FINE steaks, roasts and burger on the hoof come some butchering day about 2 years down the road! Yum!!!! Visions of a full pantry. We love canned beef,and chicken, and turkey, venison , fish, pork and wonderful stock from all kinds of meat. Oh yes I see great potential… abundant larder! If this is his future don’t make him a pet, but nice grass fed beef is soooooo good and valuable if you ever market it as such. Well it is expensive in my valley anyway. Rick

    • Yep, Frosty is going to be a steer. And he’ll provide both us and our meat customers with prime beef after living a nice life on pasture. We don’t make pets of our steers although all of them come for scratching and petting. It makes them so much easier to handle.
      We don’t make pets of our bulls nor do we pet and scratch them because that easily turns into them shoving and trying to “play” with us. Not so good when they weigh 2,000 pounds!