We were up early this morning — 12 Comments

  1. Wow Its good to hear I wasn’t the only scambleing around that day I’m in oregon and it was hot. We didn’t have the rain but I had irragation water coming and had to pick greens and radishes and do some hand planting. I worked until about 7pm but last snow storm I was inside bagging seed wanting to have my hands in the dirt

  2. Jackie, just wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you how refreshing it is that you respond to those posting comments. Other homesteading type bloggers seem to let comments ‘fall on deaf ears’ so, want you to know that it is very much appreciated!

  3. Girl, Yuma Mini-Me.
    Been following you for years, ole’ Womern.
    Just wanted to say Hello, from Thomasville, Georgia.. God’s own Eden.
    I’m getting tech-y now.. my first “blog” visit, and all.
    Of course… you’d be my first: maybe, my only one!! Ever!!
    Love you and your family, I’ve watched grow up..
    Much love and many blessings!

    PS.. I need seed…
    and, on another more personal note, I remember that “bump” on your elbow. Now, I have one. 7 years, but it just changed… might want to talk to you, before I head the buggy out for the doctor…

    Best wishes! Keep the Sun to your backside, and it’ll always warm your heart!!

  4. Again this year, I am having something eat my young Provider green bean plants. Only the stem is left.
    My garden is fenced with 6′ to keep the deer out, and chicken wire on the bottom to keep the rabbits out. The lettuce, carrots, and other items are ok, and I don’t see a garden pest near the green bean plants.
    If I don’t melt from the near 100 temps, I will replant. But what or who is the lil creep that is going after my (your) beans!

    • Oh dear! Be sure to walk around your garden to make sure the cottontails aren’t slipping under your chicken wire because it sounds like bunnies. But it could also be voles as they sometimes eat tender plants. You might set out mouse traps, baited with apple and peanut butter as this combo usually gets them. I’d like to have you get beans this year.

  5. We are having hot weather here in Missouri as well. 90’s the past few days and no rain. It is extremely dry here in an area of north MO and I am concerned about my garden as well as the hay and row crops. I do have hummingbirds and they are so fun to watch! Hope your seed treasures web is up and running soon.

    • We are fortunate to be getting adequate rain along with the hot weather we’ve been having. We also were worried about a hay crop and pasture but that seems to be okay….so far. I hope you get rains too.
      Yep, we got the website running with the help of some wonderful i.t. friends. We had to switch providers as one bought out the other and nothing worked after that! What a screw-up.

  6. I can’t believe the change in your homestead since the snow melted. Looks like a different world. You haven’t mentioned David & Ashley’s Cabin Build lately, how is that going? Or is he just working too much to make progress on his at home project?

    Lisa Ehlers
    Sacramento, CA

    • Yep, he’s just been working long, hard hours at Voyageur Log Homes, being out of the area in many cases. He’s not got the upstairs floor joists cut and hopes he and Will can cut the support beams this weekend.

  7. Here in Iowa, supposed to be 90 about every day. Funny, I have new clean hummingbird feeders out, but we are just not seeing any! Stay cool!

    • Yuck, heat! Hang in there with your hummer feeders. Sometimes it takes awhile for them to find and get used to them, especially if they’re new ones. I’ve found hanging a few hanging baskets of bright flowers draws them to your yard.

  8. I wonder if we’re in for a hot summer? It’s gotten awfully warm early here in Colorado Springs – 81 today and near 90 over the weekend.