Due to our crazy summer weather, we’re in full planting mode — 11 Comments

  1. Don’t evenb THINK “hail”. That’s the gardener’s worst enemy which there’s no fighting. We just keep plugging away and it’s amazing at how much really gets done.

  2. The closest we have come to frost the last ten days was last night at 35. We have had lots of clouds so it has stayed pretty cool with only a day or two as high as 60. The ground is almost dry enough to till so we will hope to plant potatoes this weekend. I don’t think I could take 90. That’s kind of funny as I like my sauna at 180 to 200.
    Howard, Copper Basin Alaska.

    • Yep, that’s our “normal” weather for this time of year. But because it got so hot, so quickly, we’re planting out way ahead of schedule so that’s a good thing. We hate 90, too!

  3. Crazy weather indeed !! Cold , hot then cool and now lots of rain. Just did get the potatoes in and now they are flooded ! Is it possible for potatoes to drown ?

    • No, they don’t drown but if they’re in cool, wet ground too long, they can rot. Boooo

  4. I am always amazed at your gardens. I have had two raised beds and this year added a third one. Everything was doing ok until the rains started. It has rained everyday for over three weeks ( hard bucket pouring rain) Anything that has leaves out there now had grey mold on them. They have stopped their growth completely! Looks like the only thing I am going to get are the radishes we have already eaten and maybe two hands full of black beans. Fortunately I think if I just bite the bullet and pull everything up and trash it I can start again.

    • I’m so sorry! I agree; I’d just start over and hope the weather moderates. Some years it’s like that, which is why I always can up everything I can every year. Sometimes you just don’t get a harvest.

  5. Same situation her on the gulf islands in Canada’s pacific. Straight from winter into summer and forest fires already springing up around the province. Fortunately this week is a little cooler. Very confusing for seedlings not to mention the gardeners!

    • Yes, we were having fires around here too but thankfully, the rains came and the grass greened up so the fire danger is down to moderate. I know what you mean about confusing. I keep thinking I’ve gotten late in planting because it’s so hot. But really, I’m early. Go figure!

  6. Our weather here in Missouri is the same… hot, hot and more hot!We’ve had little rain, which adds even more stress to anything trying to grow and survive. My cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are struggling as well as any of the cool season veggies. We hope and pray daily that things will improve or haying season is not going to be good either.
    I’m glad that you have good friends and neighbors to help out. A good neighbor is worth their weight in gold!

  7. Our weather has been the same way in Colorado. A couple of days of Spring then off to Summer. Just praying for a little rain and no HAIL. So nice to see all the progress on your new garden. I don’t know how you get it all done. Blessings to you and your family.