Best Of The First Two Years

1989 - 1991


More than 190 articles will be right at your fingertips when you order The Best Of The First Two Years anthology.

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CD Features:

  • Quickly and easily locate topics and authors you are interested in
  • PDF format (Adobe Reader installers for Windows and Mac OS X are included on each disc)

Articles include:

  • Build a home for under $10,000
  • Solar as a home electricity source
  • A woman alone living in the backwoods
  • Buying backwoods property
  • Is your water supply safe to drink?
  • Growing lemongrass
  • The virtues of vitamins
  • An earthquake preparation primer
  • Find water, wire, or cable by dowsing
  • Canning meat
  • Ticks and Lyme disease
  • Building a roof by yourself
  • Control your garden pests naturally
  • Identifying poison oak and ivy
  • Canning blueberries
  • A generator-based electrical system
  • Tips on heating with wood
  • Cut your own hair
  • Drying meat
  • Construct a soundproof generator shed
  • Elegant vegetarian cuisine
  • Small business record-keeping
  • Whip grafting
  • Build a log house from scratch
  • The basics of backyard beekeeping
  • Country breakfasts
  • Protect your home against wildfire
  • Homeschooling children
  • Dealing with mosquitos
  • How to make soap
  • Baling and selling straw
  • Finding love in the backwoods
  • An herb garden in autumn
  • How to raise rabbits
  • Self-seeding herbs
  • All about chickens, parts I and II
  • Battle ants and grow earthworms
  • Achieve financial independence
  • A house-heating solar greenhouse
  • ... and more!
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Issue #5    Issue #6    Issue #7    Issue #8

Issue #9    Issue #10    Issue #11    Issue #12

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