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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Twenty-sixth Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from the year 2015 (Issues 151-156).

Articles include:
– from Issue No 151:
– My View: ISIS and Ebola — Things have been much worse
– Everfree Farm’s new coop
– Raise pigs on pasture
– Emergency food storage
– Build a compost tumbler
– Growing your own hay
– The homesteader’s toolbox
– The big, wonderful world of rice
– Air power superiority
– Tanning snakeskins
– Will’s Workshop: Make your own froe and split your own shakes
– Ayoob on firearms: Of guns and snakes
– Barns: The centerpieces of farm life
– Make sourdough with wild yeast
– Ebola: Should we be worried
– Survival infection control
– The gee-whiz page: Big fish, small fish, bad fish
– Ask Jackie: Storing flax seeds, Canning chow mein, Feeding mash to pigs, Storing a pressure canner, Yogurt from dried milk, Canning vinegar, Bored chickens, Mustard pickles, Osage oranges
– The Last Word: Whatever happened to peak oil?

– from Issue No 152:
– My View: Defending against terrorists
– Build a keyhole garden
– Same garden — more food
– Growing hops for profit
– Will’s Workshop: A recycled dresser makes a useful bathroom vanity
– Tire gardening
– Ayoob on Firearms: The break-open breech-loader
– Mom’s Allegheny bread
– Grow cold-hardy grapes
– Easy-to-make farmer’s cheese
– How to start an online information-based business
– Build a community assistance recharging station
– The simple jackknife
– Goat emergency: Splinting a broken leg
– Ask Jackie: Rendering bear fat, making liverwurst, Jerky recipe, replenishing laying hens, Cooking fresh chickens, Chicken getting picked on, Canning lids
– Surviving black flies

-from Issue No 153
– My View: Abundance, gratitude, and satisfaction
– The great American BB gun
– How to grow great carrots
– Shed antlers for fun and profit
– Gabion walls for form and function
– Solar charge controllers — myths, hype, and facts
– Burdock candy
– Will’s Workshop: Building Will’s “Tornado Clucker Plucker”
– Ayoob on Firearms: Guns, suicide prevention, and backwoods lifestyles
– Make tomato supports with branches
– Insect bites
– Easy-to-make, reusable cloth coffee filters
– Cultivating soil for beginners
– Growing corn on a rubble pile
– Ask Jackie: Covering weeds, Asbestos in vermiculite, Preserving turmeric root and canning tamales, Hens picking on rooster, Long-term storage for lard, Caseous lymphadenitis in dairy goats, Crystallized grape jelly, Cultured buttermilk, Laundry soap gone bad, Seedlings too moist, Getting rid of June bugs
– Make your own maple sugar
– The Last Word: Climate Change Theory
– The gee-whiz page: Reptiles
– Lenie in the Kitchen: Beet borscht and butternut squash soup with chicken
– Perennial flowers

-from Issue No 154:
– My View: Thank you, Home Depot, for giving me a 10% veteran’s discount
– Build a lean-to greenhouse
– Cooking with wild berries
– Save your own tomato seeds
– An introduction to small-scale home hydroponics
– The off-grid cabin project
– Preserve the harvest naturally through wild fermentation
– How to power your house from your car
– Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats
– Dealing with heat stress
– Solar system codes — build it right!
– Ask Jackie: Liver loaf, pork skins, and egg rolls wraps, Bug-infested pasta, Flavored honey, Calf scours, Letting the garden rest, Feeding meat chicks, Water system, Dog-eating goose droppings, Butter from frozen cream, Mulberry pie, Pruning blackberries
– The gee-whiz page: Genetic, nongenetic, and primate tool use
– Ayoob on Firearms: Of centuries and guns
– The Last Word: Let the USA PATRIOT Act die
– Lenie in the chicken coop: A new coop for our flock of hens

– from Issue No 155:
– My View: How America can be saved from stupid people
– Spicy organic salsa
– Building feed boxes for cattle
– Harvesting and cooking giant puffball mushrooms
– Indispensable homestead cooking tools
– Currants and gooseberries
– Be a Viking – Brew wild-crafted mead
– Bowhunting: The instinct and the arrow
– Ayoob on Firearms: Getting ready for deer season …now
– Three MORE ways the world can end — and I’m not kidding
– The gee-whiz page: Tallest, heaviest, smallest, oldest, rarest trees
– A decorative garden rom an old stump
– Oatmeal sausage; a treat from days gone by
-Build a vertical storage rack from cans
– A tale of two wasp traps
– Ask Jackie: Canning sauerkraut, Homemade tomato juice, Rendered lard, Mushy pickles, Building a compost box
– The Last Word: Corporations, profits, and taxes

– from Issue No 156:
– My View: Three cheers for free enterprise
– The off-grid cabin project, part 2
– Dehydrating eggs at home
– Redeeming the sale barn goat
– Build your own fire pit
– Easy, no-knead bread
– Make a reusable teabag
-Tea takes the chill out of winter
– Warming holiday tea
– Home coffee roasting
– Emergency lighting
– Ayoob on Firearms: Everything you need and nothing you don’t
– The gee-whiz! page: Insect — the fastest, largest, strongest, deadliest, and migrating
– The Last Word: Wondering about the “Bucket List”

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