A Backwoods Home Anthology
The Seventh Year



A year's worth of articles will be right at your fingertips, with all the ads and such removed!

A great informational value!

CD Features:

  • Quickly and easily locate topics and authors you are interested in
  • PDF format (Adobe Reader installers for Windows and Mac OS X are included on each disc)

Articles include:

  • Salvaged wood makes a good goat shed
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Beans
  • The amazing aloe
  • The advantages of propane
  • Smaller, multi-purpose cattle breeds
  • Protect young trees from frost and vermin
  • Combat aphids by planting garlic
  • Grow your own asparagus
  • Lessons learned while building a log home
  • Make quick and easy pasta
  • Ducks contribute to a homestead
  • Raising rabbits for meat and money
  • Consider small-scale hog production
  • Felting
  • Perfect whole wheat breads
  • Make an effective gray water disposal system
  • Keep your onions fresh
  • Using trot lines, set lines, and jug fishing
  • Learn to make pectin yourself
  • Build your own milking stanchion
  • Ten off-beat metal cleaning tricks
  • How to store apples for a long, long time
  • Sheet composting saves work
  • 10 good tips for homeschooling your children
  • Improve your poultry with selective breeding
  • Enrich your soil with cover crops
  • Use those end-of-season green tomatoes
  • Make grape juice the easy way
  • Use row covers to keep fresh greens in your garden, even in the snow
  • Five quick and easy craft projects
  • Heat your house by burning corn
  • Make beautiful pinecone wreaths
  • Grow winter salad greens on your windowsill
  • ... and more!
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