%$^%#^()&) COMPUTERS!!!!! — 4 Comments

  1. Hello?

    How does one “interact” with my blog? I’m totally clueless. I e-mail my blog to Dave and he posts it. I interact with my computer; I call it all sorts of bad names and it doesn’t attach my photos. Sort of a hate-hate relationship!


  2. Computer problems are the worst! But of course, it’s hard now to see how we ever lived without them, especially for those of us working from home and/or telecommuting. When my internet access goes down–a not uncommon occurrence here in rural PA–I feel like I’ve been plunged back into the Dark Ages. As opposed to the phone! If it never rang, I’d be happy. Glad yours is back up and running, and I’m especially glad to see David looking so happy after that horrible ordeal with flesh-eating bacteria. Thank God for youth and resilience!!!

  3. Jackie,

    I have a thought about Dan Wicker’s potato saving problem. I hope you don’t mind me throwing in my 1.28 cents (after taxes).

    Assuming the reason he needs to store potatoes for two years is because he doesn’t have garden space available for a potato crop on a given year, he could plant one or more potato stacks. BHM ran a good article by Charles Sanders on uses for old tires. Potato stacks were one of the uses mentioned. Being veritcal, they only take about three to four square feet of ground space. One or two good stacks might yield enough potatoes for planting the following year. Here is a link to the article on the BHM website:

  4. You might want to interact with your blog using one of the many tools. I use BLOGDESK; Microsoft has “Windows Live Writer”. YMMV ;-)