Spencer is learning to bring in firewood — 5 Comments

  1. Spencer is great, Jackie, and what a wonderful photo! SO cute, and smart, too! You’re lucky to have him, and he’s lucky to have you all!

  2. Hello, I.m new at country living, and as I near retirement, i’m looking forward to the hard work, but very rewarding life style.

    Last year all the trees that i planted were stripped down to the bark, now I built a small fence around the tree and it seems to keep the contents out of reach. But the most amazing thing is, the ones that were left uncovered, for identification purpose, i had placed a small stake close to the plant, and placed one of those plastic red flags that the stores give away and to my surprise those plants have not been touched, I guess that the flapping of the wind is keeping them away.

    Best luck to all.

    Roberto Lazo

  3. The book “Storey’s Basic Country Skills” has a list of ways to preserve eggs with or without refrigeration. None are exactly canning, but if long-term storage is the goal, it’s worth a look.

    BTW Jackie, you’re one of my heroes.

  4. I read all the backwoods home blogs and even when there is a new one, does not happen any where near often enough, I still check several times a day to see if it has been added to yet. Even when there is a new one I keep checking. I need to get a life.

  5. Love your blog, Jackie. I recommended it to my sister. She just started canning, and now is going crazy! Canning everything in sight, nothing is safe! She lives in Texas and is already harvesting–I’m so jealous.

    Note to fellow commenter Patricia–Bon Voyage and Good Luck! What an adventure!

    Mary Lou in Sherburne, NY