1. Jackie

    Enjoyed your video very much – have you thought of maybe giving your readers a video tour of your farm set up – barns, orchards and also the layout of your house and your canning/pantry area – it would be great for us wannabees in our planning.

    As always love your advice

    M Blaney, Ontario

  2. Thanks for another great video Jackie! While a wood cook stove is probably not in my (immediate) future, it is always great to see your techniques and hear your voice.

  3. Wonderful video..thanks so much. I got my wood cookstove a year ago and LOVE it..and have sort of stumbled around with how to clean it….I loved seeing that I was doing it right! I sure enjoy all your videos and other posts and articles..you are awesome!

  4. I don’t ever remember mama cleaning our wood stove but we moved so many times that it may have self cleaned in the moves. I love cooking on a wood stove but will not be getting another one as my husband says no. so I have gas, which is the next best thing.

    Thank you for all your good information.

  5. Jackie, I can’t believe how informative this YouTube video is. My heavens! You could have tried to explain that process all day long, in a written article, but there’s nothin’ like seein’ the process is action to really understand.

    Thank you so much for doing this video and I hope to see a LOT more videos from you and your incredible wealth of vast knowledge.


  6. Thanks so much for showing us all that step by step! I have a woodburning cook stove that I am waiting to get hooked up, but never knew you had to take the top off and clean under there and around the oven. Without you telling me this, I’d have never known, and would probably have had a solid block of ash before too many years went by. Thank you soooo much, and please make MORE videos – they’re soo fun and informative! Have a very happy new year! Pat

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