Here is a short Video Blog of how I made room for 12 chickens.

(Oops! I posted this video once before. It was previously posted as part of a longer video clip here.)


  1. I just read your book Starting Over in one day. It was great! You never fail to amaze me. I am very happy that you have your house built and comftable. What an effort. I have learned alot about building by reading it. My hubby and I built a 30 X 20 barn, a new sheep shed several overhangs off of the bar, a chicken house and a wood shed that looks to darn nice to be a wood shed. But I have never herd of the roof stye you used sounds very efficent for your area.
    I couldn’t help but laph when I read about the deer people terrorizing your garden. I fought that for years and finally we fenced it in. I too don’t mind sharing with the 4leggeds. We always leave a few apples in the orchard for the deer people.
    Your next book should be about goats I would bet it would be funny and informative. And thats just based on what you have shared in the magazine and other things youve written.
    Really a great book,
    I just found a place to order a paket of Hopi Blue Squash. You rave about them so and their storage ability sounds so great I have to try them.
    I am awaiting our first goat kid births. I have 2 nubians and mis Bell is big as a barrel. I am realy excited about this. I want to make cottage cheese and butter.
    Thanks Jackie and keep up the good work, Dinah

  2. I have to say that little al video was great! It is nice Jackie to here your voice and see what your doing in action. We built a bigger sized coop with the same kinds of left overs and it continues to serve us and the girls well. Way to go with all of this technology!

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