After three days of a family cold, we’re back at it again — 5 Comments

  1. Wanda,

    You can often find dried elderberries at local health food stores and other stores that sell natural/homopathic products.


  2. So Jackie,….for those of us who don’t live on a farm, but would like to make Elderberry Extract and fight those colds and flu bugs – where can one get Elderberries? I know where to find the Vodka. *big smile*

  3. I’m sure when you’re under the weather, another reason to have home-canned goods handy. Just heat up some supper.

  4. Hi Jackie, i think J from Missouri was asking about the 40% alcohol and 60% water ratio. I can answer J’s question.

    80 proof alcohol is made up of 40% alcohol and 60% water.
    100 proof alcohol is made up of 50% alcohol and 50% water.

    If you want to make 100 proof alcohol into 80 proof instead, you’d add water (figure out based on quantity and some math).

    example: you have 10 ounces of 100 proof alcohol (is everclear 100 proof?), therefore it is made up of 5 ounces of alcohol and 5 ounces of water. To make it 80 proof, add 2 ounces of water, ending up with 7 ounces water and 5 ounces alcohol = 58.3% water and 41.6% alcohol.

    41.6% alcohol would be the same as 83.2 proof alcohol. Close enough.

    Some herbs are better extracted in 80 proof, some in 100 proof, some are ok in plain water.

  5. Only one question this time. What a disappointment. I am glad you are feeling better. I’ve been in the hospital twice in the last two weeks with kidney stones. Being ill is no fun. Prayers for your mother.