It finally quit raining, so when we got back from the Energy Fair and got over “jet lag,” we started in on weeding our garden (weeds grow very well in rainy weather!!!!) and putting the log siding on our addition. To make it match the logs, we used 10″ siding, with a 3″ profile, so you can’t tell it from the logs. Will also cut and fit upright logs for the corners, which match the one in the entryway and on down the front porch-to-be sometime in the future. We tacked on an extra inch of foamboard insulation on the outside of the OSB, to keep the cold Minnesota winters outside and us nice and toasty inside. It was tricky grinding the log ends to meet the upright log corners, but after a few tries, each piece of siding fit snugly into place. Will finished the long side wall tonight and I’ll begin staining in a day or two.

TOMORROW Ilene and Sam Duffy are driving up for a visit to our homestead, and we’re real excited. The staining will wait a day!


  1. WolfSong,

    You’re darned right about us being happy with our little homestead. It’s a blessing just to walk around and look at everything. We’re very grateful.


  2. Gosh, that’s nice looking! You’re creating a beautiful home there. I know you’re bound to be having a great visit today. Enjoy!

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