After months of site prep work, moving tons of gravel to raise the barn site and level it off, Will is finally ready to begin building! He had sixteen holes, four feet deep, bored with the tractor auger, but he had to manually clean them out and enlarge them. What a job that was! We have rock, gravel, and clay. And more rock. He finally hired a new friend, Eric, to help with the heavy work so we could get the barn roughed in by winter. (We have two seasons in Minnesota: Winter and getting ready for winter!) With all of the festivities, including David’s graduation, open house, our wedding, then the MREA Fair, we both felt that we were losing ground this spring. I’m still planting garden!

Eric came yesterday and he and Will hauled 200 cedar fence posts home on the flatbed trailer, then began cleaning out holes. They finished today and began setting those huge used power poles in the holes. Today they got six of the biggest ones in the ground. Already it’s starting to look like something magnificent.

I’m madly trying to till and get more corn and squash planted and the weeds are laughing at me, I’ll swear. But when they get a little bigger, I’ll have the last laugh — I’ll eat them! They’re mostly pig weed and lamb’s quarter. They make tasty greens and can up nicely. — Jackie


  1. Shannan,

    My new last name is Clay-Atkinson. I kept the Clay to help readers identify me that don’t know my personal life. But I wanted the Atkinson to honor Will, as well. So I hyphenated.


  2. Hey Jackie…are we allowed to know your new last name? Be kinda nice to refer to you correctly lol. We are praying for everyone’s safety during the barn building. Thanks for sharing yourself with us all… it is so appreciated!

  3. Haha weeds, I’ll get you!

    Gotta love when you get the bonus of edible weeds coming up in the garden. Nothing like free, good for you, food. ;-)

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