Winter’s quickly approaching! First we had a terrific freeze (down to 20 degrees) with a hard frost. The frost was pretty, as it made beautiful patterns on our truck and lawn. But right on its heels, was SNOW. I’m talking about an inch here, not a few flakes! Boy, does that shove us into “getting ready for winter” mode!

Yesterday, before the snow, I spent the day pulling tomato cages, piling spent vines, and stacking tomato stakes. I did three rows of 14 cages/stakes each. I still have another row and a half to go, but I’m getting there. I’m piling the plants to burn. Burning spent tomato vines helps reduce the possibility of blights or insects wintering over in the dead vines. And the resulting ash is good for our acidic soil.

Meanwhile, Will has been busily working on the barn and also picking up various “messes” around the yard. Some of these included some old lumber and logs, which we sawed up for firewood. I helped split them and we ran them into the house in the wheelbarrow just before rain came. Now our back porch is piled high with emergency wood and the woodshed is getting really, really full. What a great feeling. Especially when we woke up to that inch of snow this morning! — Jackie


  1. We too have been cold here in Central Oregon 19 degrees. We had all in but the tomatos in the greenhouse (unheated) we covered but lost most of them.

  2. i just finished putting up 32quarts of boiled peanuts -4quarts of pecans- 14quarts of sweet potatoes.all in the last 24 hours. i stiil have a lot of sweetpotatoes and pecans to put up;in between cutting firewood. next couple of days will be cabbage,turnips and collards. sounds like fun and a whole lot of good food for the coming year.happy canning everybody

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