Another mobile home frame? — 3 Comments

  1. Joyce,

    Wow! What a find! I’m sure there are tons of old canning jars sitting in sheds all over the country or down in someone’s basement. How great it is to be gifted them so they can be put to good use once again. I’m sure the original owner would be proud of you.


  2. ilove to hear of your recycling friend and i do a lotof this. this past saturday mydaughter[heather] and i were visiting with my 80 year old mother,my friend[tammy]called and said she had me some canning jars;when we got home she had brought me about 20 dozen quart and pint jars.they had been in a shed and covered with years of dirt and dust.she also got the same amount.a wole lot of cleaning is in order.but what a great find[free].