Introducing new chickens

I am thoroughly enjoying my chickens. I have a flock of 11, 10 hens and one rooster. I like them so much and their eggs even more that I would like to get more chicks next spring.

Will I need to keep the next set of chicks separate from my current flock permanently or just until full grown?

Erica Kardelis
Helper, Utah

Once your chicks are adult sized, they can be introduced into your current flock. Just make sure they have enough space, indoors and out,s so there’s no extreme pecking as they settle in. — Jackie

Canning yams

I am going to can yams. Am I able to can them with brown sugar? I can only find recipes with plain sugar water. Ideally, I would like to open the jar, heat up and add butter (if desired). But I would like them to be somewhat like the canned ones you buy. Thank you ahead of time for your answers. Love your column in Backwoods Home Magazine! I started ordering the magazine just because of your column and the rest was icing on the cake.

Sheryl Roberts
Houston, Alaska

I’m glad you like the column. It’s like all of you are my extended homestead family and I love helping you out to succeed in all you do. Yes, you can put your yams up with brown sugar instead of white. I sure would! — Jackie


  1. As far as putting new chickens in, I have a friend that does this and she moves her new chickens in during the night so that when everybody wakes up the next morning, they are all together.

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