We’re plowing out after a foot of new snow — 5 Comments

  1. Cindy,

    My petunias are just coming up. They are really pretty easy to grow but are real tiny when they first come up. Be sure to only lightly cover the seeds or pellets and keep the soil moist. I put my containers inside a plastic shopping bag until they start coming up.


  2. Great view!! Love you shelves. I too got a set of them at Fleet Farm for 1/2 price! I have onions growing right now. Then it will peppers. How are your petunias coming along? I am trying to start some for the first time! Enjoy the snow coming in tonight!!

  3. Looks beautiful Jackie, but those peppers of yours (and soon my own) are making me long for spring!

  4. Without the cloudy, or scary days, we would not understand or appreciate the sunny days as well.