1. Now I feel like I’ve actually gotten to visit your farm like some of those folks who will be coming on farm visits! :) I’d love to see another video with more close ups of the animals, especially the goats!

  2. LOVE the video! Its great for those of us that can’t get out and meet kindred spirits like you and Will.

  3. everything looks great i know you said in about a month and a half you will be getting things planted in your hoophouse,but here in the south we already have planted gardens. david and i will be harvesting some new potatoes in about a week. i just have to tell you we have the prettiest garden this year that we have had in a long time. sorry if it soundslike bragging.i guess in a way it is ,but we are so very proud of our gardens this year. hope and pray we have good weather through the growing season.

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