Q and A: Canning lime juice and codling moth — 2 Comments

  1. If you don’t have thousands of apples to protect, you can also use fruit socks. (I use them on apricots too.) When I had fewer trees and apples I tied the ends of each one over a branch. Now I staple them closed – it’s quick. Either way it’s a tedious job compared with traps and Surround. But because chemical control depends a lot on spray timing, socks are a dependable backup that so far has been 100% effective for me. A band of Tanglefoot around the trunk will trap the larva/caterpiller as it comes down to the ground looking for a place to pupate. Because of the moth life cycle you’ll likely get better control using as many different methods as you have time for, instead of relying on one or two.

  2. For the moth problem in fruit trees use this formula—–
    1 cup molasses and one and half cups water and mix together.
    Pour into containers and hang from the fruit trees.
    The containers I use is emptied out frosting containers and the emty yellow instant choc. milk containers and poke holes in the sides and use ribbon/cording to go through one hole and knot it, put ribbon around the limb and go through the other hole on the container and knot it, keeping the ribbon tight as to not let the wind blow the container around. I use about 3-4 containers per tree. I found it is best to hang containers first then add contents of the solution.
    It works——-just look into the containers after a few days and the moths will be there. Keep containers there and refill containers as needed.