We have several, but we use our Do-Bid.Com site because there are auction houses 20 miles from our house. We can go view different things as well as pick up items for which we had the winning bid. We bought our new big tractor on this site. Last week, Will got a pressure washer (didn’t know if it worked) for $17, a dishwasher (didn’t know if it worked) for $4, and file cabinets for my office for $3 and $7 apiece. Will monkeyed with the pressure washer and it does work now so we can pressure wash our equipment to keep it clean and also pressure wash our house logs and decks when it’s time to re-stain them.

I’ve never had a dishwasher (unless you count my girls!) but as we are re-doing the kitchen to make things handier, I decided now is the time. Do I NEED a dishwasher?  Nope. Could sure get along just like I have done for years. But at $4 I thought, what the heck. And, yes, it does work! It’s like new, too.


On our budget, we’re not big time auction buffs, but we’ve sure picked up some things we need at way less than half price. Thought I’d share with you and see if you might have an online auction in your neck of the woods.

Oh, by the way, I’m running out of Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds. The response has been stupendous! One of my friends, Carol Bandy, from Virginia, grew Hopi Pale Greys last year from some seeds I gave her when she attended our spring seminar. And she’s sending some of her squash seeds to me so I can share more seeds with our BHM family. When these seeds are gone, I’ll have to hold your envelopes until late fall when our new crop of squash comes in. We ARE going to plant many more of these wonderful, rare squash so we can spread their seeds around. — Jackie


  1. Carol,

    Your seeds are now on their way to folks from California to Vermont! I think that’s such a great thing. Now if everyone who has a good crop will share their seeds, maybe this great rare squash won’t go extinct! Thank you so much for your time and effort! Much appreciated!!!

  2. Nancy,

    Well, officially, David is still living here, but he works and has friends so we hardly ever see him. I keep telling him that 22 is way too young to be away from home! Oh wel, wishful thinking!

  3. I was only too glad to help with the Hopi seeds. I am comfortable with the fact that they are pure since I planted them by themselves in a garden at least 1/4 mile from any other garden. Looks like there will be Hopi squash from one coast to the other.

  4. Taua,

    I’d love your Hopi Pale Grey seeds. (You are sure they’re pure, aren’t you? The little buggers will cross with other C. maximas. I once had mine cross with Atlantic Giant pumpkins that were planted 500 feet away and the resultant seeds gave me plenty of HPGs along with an occasional pumpkin on the vines!) Send me your e-mail to jackie@backwoodshome.com and I’ll e-mail you with our address. For obvious reasons I can’t put it on the blog.

  5. Pat,

    We will use it just like we do our washer and drier, only when we have the generator on. As there are just the two of us we don’t need to fire up the dishwasher every meal…or day, even. When we kick on the generator, we also use my desktop computer, wash clothes, pump water, use power tools, etc. to make the best use of the gas needed for the generator. We seldom fire it up for only one job. That would be wasteful.


  6. Jackie,
    I am happy to send you my Hopi Pale Grey seeds as well. They are prolific in the amount of seeds they have. I could grow Hopi’s until the next millenia and never use them up!

  7. I stopped using my dishwasher regularly. So what do I do with it? I store my canning jars as I empty them. When I ready to can something, I just fire the old girl up. Clean, hot jars and no lugging them up from basement storage! And I use a half tablespoon of oxiclean plus a half teaspoon oh dawn dish soap for detergent…plain old white vinegar for the rinse. Works great in my old machine.

  8. Since you are getting your first dishwasher, you need to know one thing–any dishwasher that sits and is not used starts deteriorating. Eventually, it will leak. I forgot why–gaskets crack or rusting out. Maybe you could ask someone who knows why it wll leak after long periods of no use.

  9. I use my dishwasher when I can. It saves time and work. I was wondering how much energy the dishwasher will use and how you will manage that off grid? I just love auctions but have to take care I don’t get carried away in a bidding contest!

  10. Congratulations on your new dishwasher !! it sure does help with with jar washing and keeping them hot.I’ll bet Will is going to enjoy that pressure washer too. It’s so much fun to get a bargin and what good bargins you guys got !
    Hope you have a Great day.

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