1. You always look so joyful in all your pictures in the blog. You must be a person with a wonderful heart towards life and other people.

  2. Holly,

    I’m so sorry you lost Honey. Our animals become family. Some folks see “only a chicken” but I feel sorry for them for not having such a wonderful relationship with their animals.

  3. Hi Jackie, I just wanted to thank you for being there for my daughter during her chicken emergency. We took her to see your vet, but through all of our efforts we still lost her. Your care and concern is such a comfort, we sure adore you.
    Thank you,

  4. Maybe, just maybe, I can come to Des Moines. It is closer and we don’t have a fair that week. I hope so.

  5. Good for those BWH family folks who got to meet all of you Jackie. I know what a special pleasure that is and look forward to a time when I can do so again. Good luck at the Iowa festival!

  6. My son and I look forward to the Des Moines Festival on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be dryer by then.