David is now a movie star — 5 Comments

  1. Those “smalls” are about the size I look for. I have trouble splitting wood, so it’s nicer when it doesn’t need split.

  2. Jackie,
    wishing you and the entire family a wonderful Thanksgiving week! My dad and grampa always used the ‘smalls’ trimmed from the LOL ‘real’ firewood. Nothing went to waste. The very smalls were kept on the corner of the back porch for kindling, even the bark was saved in the empty bushel baskets. Waste not, want not! Looking at your picture, how could anyone throw away that much good wood? Loved how David lucked into the extra income, and the fun he must have had while earning it.

  3. My cousin was in the movie Thief in the Night many years ago. Said it was the most fun and easiest job he ever had!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Sheryl,

    Believe me, our Thanksgiving is always full of thanks! We have such a good life with so many blessings. Sitting down to a meal of good homestead food with family is SO wonderful!

  5. How much fun for David!

    I have windows open today as it is in the 70s. I do not envy you your snow but am so glad you two seem to thrive in it.

    Sure hope your T-Day is full of thanksgiving.