Well, sort of. This summer, our son, David, was in town and was stopped in a parking lot by a couple that he didn’t recognize. They told him they were part of a movie crew that was getting ready to film on nearby Lake Vermiilion. And his truck was the exact truck the main character drove. Could they rent his truck?

To make a long story shorter, they did rent the truck and he not only got to visit the set but landed a part in the movie. The movie is THE BLOOD STRIPE, telling the story of a female Marine Corps veteran who returns from overseas with PTSD. David portrayed a local whom she thought was “out to get her.” David was having a ball and the money he was paid for his acting and truck rental helped him out when he started college again this fall.

Now the movie is being put together and will soon be headed for film festivals. If you’d like to take a peek, check out the link, minnesota.cbslocal.com. (https://www.facebook.com/TheBloodStripe) It’s pretty cool for a homesteader boy!

Meanwhile, Will and I have been sticking to winterizing the homestead. He blew a brake line on our pickup and today, as it was nearly 30 degrees above zero and sunny, he replaced it. He’s been using the truck without much brakes to haul our small poplar wood up from down by the barn where he’s been cutting it on his “mini-cordwood saw,” the table saw he added a Briggs engine to, making it much more portable on the homestead.

We’ve been stacking our “small wood” in the wood shed as well as using it in the house for nice hot fires in both the living room and kitchen range. We try to not waste much around here. We’re burning “waste” wood that was cut on a throw-away table saw with a motor from the scrap pile. I love it!

By the way, we’re sure glad we ducked that six feet of snow in Buffalo! Anyone who got caught by that storm, know that I’m praying for you. — Jackie


  1. Those “smalls” are about the size I look for. I have trouble splitting wood, so it’s nicer when it doesn’t need split.

  2. Jackie,
    wishing you and the entire family a wonderful Thanksgiving week! My dad and grampa always used the ‘smalls’ trimmed from the LOL ‘real’ firewood. Nothing went to waste. The very smalls were kept on the corner of the back porch for kindling, even the bark was saved in the empty bushel baskets. Waste not, want not! Looking at your picture, how could anyone throw away that much good wood? Loved how David lucked into the extra income, and the fun he must have had while earning it.

  3. My cousin was in the movie Thief in the Night many years ago. Said it was the most fun and easiest job he ever had!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Sheryl,

    Believe me, our Thanksgiving is always full of thanks! We have such a good life with so many blessings. Sitting down to a meal of good homestead food with family is SO wonderful!

  5. How much fun for David!

    I have windows open today as it is in the 70s. I do not envy you your snow but am so glad you two seem to thrive in it.

    Sure hope your T-Day is full of thanksgiving.


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