For many years, I’ve been working on a series of Western novels, which have mostly been sitting in a box in the closet as Westerns aren’t “in.” But recently, I found an interested publisher and the series of four is off and running! We’re really excited. I even did the cover painting for the first book, Summer of the Eagles.

Take a look at the publisher’s web page for it: where you can read a synopsis and the first two chapters. You can even pre-order the Kindle version for $4.99 at: A softcover edition is also in the works. I’ll let you know more about that, soon. If you’re on Facebook, you can keep up with developments by Liking the book’s Facebook page: and the publisher’s page:

For us, it’s a whole lot of fun, seeing my characters spring to life. I’m editing the second book in the Jess Hazzard series now and Will has been great, keeping the wood stove ch0cked full so I don’t freeze upstairs on the computer and even doing the dishes for me! What a guy!


  1. Jackie,
    You are one multi-talented lady. Congratulations on the book. I own several of yours already. Two of them stay on my counter as reference material for cooking and canning.

  2. Pat and others,

    I’ll let you know when I get the books here. Then we’ll have worked out the details of what it’ll cost for shipping, etc. Thanks for your interest!!

  3. I’ll be waiting for the details on purchasing your books. I haven’t read the first two chapters. I’ll take my chances.

  4. Jackie I will get 2 signed copies of the paperback. I prefer a book I can hold & feel anyway. There is just something about a real book. My father introduced me to Louis L’Amour when I was a kid. I know my Father would just love this book. How much should I send you for the paperbacks?

  5. Pat,

    Not at this time. It has to do with exclusive rights by Amazon. You can always get a paperback, instead, if you would like.

  6. All,

    I’ll let you know when the books come here so you can get your signed copies. Thank you all for your support and love.

  7. I’m so excited for you! Will look forward to getting one of those signed copies! Hurray for you both and bless you Will!

  8. I read the excerpt. I’m not a fan of westerns, but it was very interesting and very well written. I’m impressed! I hope it sells well for you. :)

  9. Yay! I’m glad you decided to get the books going; as Will had said, you have many of us who would be interested. Congrats!

  10. Wally,

    I’ll be having a box of paperbacks available here at home that can not only be bought without a credit card, but autographed as well.

  11. Can you make sure there is a way to buy them without a credit card? I think they will be fun to read.

  12. will it be available for Kindle. How exciting, sounds like a great story to keep you from putting it down. You are a many talented lady. Looking forward to reading the book.

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  14. Wow, Jackie – Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment, and especially wonderful that you have the talent to paint the cover! I wish you much success!

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