I just thought you might like to see some shots of our garden in the SUMMER! I know we’re getting kind of tired of drab, naked trees and snow. I ran across these photos and thought I’d share them with you! See, summer IS coming!

For those of you who have been waiting to get my new book, Summer of the Eagles, good news! It’s been released sooner than we thought.

My publisher gave me some links for you. They are: Kindle version: Print version: (my Amazon store) OR (Amazon’s order page).

You can read the beginning of the book on the publisher’s website here:

And signed copies will be available through me for $18.90 ($12.95 for the book + $5.95 Priority Mailing). You can e-mail me for a form at or download the form after you read the excerpt at the link above.

Are any of the rest of you getting crazy, trying to plot out your gardens for this year? Even with an extra acre and a half of “garden,” I’m kind of running out of space for it all. Maybe it’s the full moon? — Jackie



    I may be a little late in placing this article here, but it seems it might help with the diseases that attack tomato plants, and others. I use peroxide and white vinegar in both my bathroom and kitchen for killing the noseeum germs that might possibly cause someone to fall ill. There are several articles on the side for peroxide use as a gardening aid, listing the strength and dilution needed.
    Hope this might help someone.

  2. All,

    Thanks for buying my new book, SUMMER OF THE EAGLES. I hope you all enjoy it. And know that it’s the first in a series of four Jess Hazzard books. The second is being edited now for later release. Hang tight.

  3. Cindy,

    Luckily, we don’t have much blight here so, yes, we do use sprinklers but also use a soaker hose down our tomato rows, under the mulch as we have very porous soil, sand and rock so it drains off very quickly. Like Zelda said, in areas where blights are common, stick with the soaker hose to avoid overhead watering and grow more blight resistant varieties.

  4. Doing garden clean up chores between snows. Oh yes I am really, really, really ready to dig and plant and it is seed starting time. Cindy where I live overhead watering of tomatoes is the number one killer of tomato plants even with mulch like Jackie’s (I do that too) – we have early and late blight and lots of virus diseases. You can see the little disease colony spots on the tomato leaves wherever a drop of water hit – the water drops bruise the leaf surface and the critters sitting dormant on the leaves are just waiting for water to get started multiplying. All I do and recommend is drip irrigation or putting a hose on the ground under the mulch. If you mulch 6 to 10 inches deep your tomatoes (and other crops) won’t need much supplemental water after you soak them deep at the beginning of the season. I also prune all of the bottom side stems off my tomatoes at least a foot high.

  5. Thank you so much for those uplifting photos. How did you know this morning would be -17? It is still -4 out here in WI!! But it gives me time to work on garden plans and do inside activities.

    Do you use a drip irrigation system on your tomato plants or do you water from above? I see in the 1st photo that you have a sprinkler set up in the middle of the garden. Just wondering what is best to do!

  6. It is spring here. I have been planting our cool weather crops now for about a month. They have enjoyed the few freezes (down to the teens). We got another frost last night……… N. Central TX here. We garden YEAR round. A lot of what I planted in January, if I had planted in October I would have been harvesting from all winter (COLD hardy veggies such as greens, broccoli, cabbage and so forth).

  7. Got your book on kindle Tuesday. Loving it. All of my fingernails got chewed down. Lol. Very, very good.

  8. I have also ordered your book and it’s on the way and I can’t wait to read it! Jackie, that is the most gorgeous garden I’ve ever seen! How do you do it?

  9. Wow-Wished I had known I could have gotten a signed copy through you sooner. I already ordered your book and it is on its way. Can’t wait to get it. It is a valentines gift for my hubby. He read the first 2 chapters and was very impressed. Thank-you for the garden photos. We don’t have much snow here in Littlefork, but are getting tired of the cold and hoping for spring/summer to get here early this year.

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