I got a jury summons a while ago and was kind of hoping that the trial would be cancelled. (I live 90 miles north of Duluth, where the Federal trial will be held and have to report at 7:15 a.m.) It’s going to be -18 tonight and the parking lot is three blocks uphill from the Courthouse. Bad knee and that cold wind whipping up from Lake Superior right down the hill means I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Actually, without a fully informed jury, it kind of scares me, basically deciding without all the information on a person’s future. Justice is not always just. I know from experiences of loved ones.

AND our Subaru is out of commission. Old ‘Ru is starting to have a really bad vibration in the rear end and New ‘Ru is at the mechanic’s getting a heater core leak fixed. It was fogging up the windshield and driver’s window and antifreeze fumes like that can kill you. So there was no putting that off. Luckily, I can borrow David’s truck for the drive.

Hopefully I’ll be home tomorrow evening and get back to my life. It’s been a stressful week, knowing that jury selection is coming up. I’ll be in the shower at 4 a.m. and on the road by 4:45. — Jackie


  1. Andrew

    Turns out that the rear drive unit was totally SHOT as in almost falling apart. Lucky I didn’t drive it down!!! Eeeek. I know what you mean about the ice/snow buildup. A couple times Will or I had to get out, crawl under the car and whack out snow or ice to stop vibrations in the rear. But as good as our ‘Roo’s” are, it’s a small price to pay.

  2. Good for you for doing your civic duty. Vibration in the back of the old Subaru could just be a wheel bearing, a banged up wheel, or an axle shaft, none of which would be fatal. The WRX wheels on my Legacy are very prone to ice and snow buildup…which makes for interesting sensations on the Interstate!

  3. All,

    Yeah, I could have played the bad knee card, but chose not to. Not to sound trite but I do believe that like voting, it’s one of our responsibilities. Not fun, certainly when the weather had a wind chill of -35 that morning, but kind of necessary. I’d hate to be the defendant and only have a small pool of jurors from which the judge and lawyer had to choose from because everyone found an excuse not to serve.
    And I’ll tell you that I was VERY happy that the case was finally settled out of court while we sat. And sat. And sat…. Whew.

  4. I hope you have a safe trip too. I was thinking its not a good time of year for you,but at least its not during harvest or planting season.

  5. TN pays you by the mile if you live more than five miles away. I live three miles so got nada!! This was for county jury duty.

  6. Bless you for doing your civic duty, Jackie! I was on the list for Federal Jury duty for our state, which the idea of driving to a major city (Detroit) frightened me more than the actual duty. But somebody has to do it. We live in a small county and it seems we are always being called for local duty. Fortunately most cases are settled out of court. My son discovered that an easy way to get out of service was to answer “yes” when the lawyers asked if you assumed the defendant was guilty because he was being tried.

  7. Wish I’d seen this post sooner, I also would have encouraged you to call that number and get out of serving! Sending prayers your way for a great trip!

  8. Jackie you have more than ample reason to be dismissed. The bad knee alone is enough. You don’t need to compromise your health. If you reinjure your knee it will take a long time to heal.

  9. Hoping you have a good trip there and that the trek to the building isn’t too hard on you! Will look forward to your update.

  10. Best wishes and dress WARM! Only time I was selected for a jury, they settled up while we jurors went to lunch. On the Court! Then we were sent home with a thank you, lol.

  11. Remember jury nullification Jackie! If you feel the law itself is unjust you may vote to acquit. Even if the defendant is guilty of the alleged crime you still have the right to find the law unconstitutional and unjust. Best wishes and safe travels!

  12. Yikes … sounds like a rough situation. I live about a mile from the St. Lawrence Tree Nursery where you purchase some of your fruit trees and we are having VERY cold weather here too. Our nearest city of Watertown, NY had a record breaking minus -36 degrees last night. I do hope you get paid by the mile or some form of payment for that long drive required. I’ve been seated for jury duty only three times in my life and I would gladly do without it. I wish you luck.

  13. Good Grief! I hope they don’t pick you for jury duty.
    Mention your bad knee and how difficult it is for you to walk from the parking area to the courthouse. I’d also mention that you live 90-miles away too. Hopefully they will take pitty on you. TeeHee!!
    I’ll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that they send you home.
    Safe journey my friend – Bobbie :)

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