Lots has been happening — 6 Comments

  1. Tim,

    We love our hoop houses! We have doors on each end that we keep open during hot spells and with our cool nights, we have never overheated although a big box fan would handle that in our climate. We plant peppers and melons in ours as those crops don’t do well in the cool nights. For tomatoes, we just plant outside, using Wall’O Waters to start off with. No, no book. But an article is definitely in the works. Stay tuned!

  2. Linda,

    Yes, we surely consider Krystal a gem! Hondo on the couch???? Oh no, he’d never do that…. Well, maybe…. Okay, most of the time.

  3. I’m intending to put up a bigger hoop house/poly tunnel before summer ends. I do hope you can keep us informed as to how you use yours. How do you handle summer heat? What do you plant inside? General use and purpose info much appreciated! Do you have the Official Polytunnel Book – Ala Jackie and Will for sale yet????? Please….

  4. Krystal sounds like a gem. I’m sure it was hard to find someone to keep up with you folks. Was that Hondo on the couch?

  5. Just planting lettuce? I was planting such in March (before an ice storm!) it survived and is NOW bolting! I was in the garden today. Picked peas. Picked a couple green beans. Brussel Sprouts are forming nice. Cabbage will be ready to harvest SOON. Should have had tomatoes and peppers out 6 weeks ago, but with all the RAIN! Then, come September, plant cool weather crops again and EAT off of them ALL winter!