I just got back from a two-day trip to Mayo Clinic with a friend who is having heart issues. What a place! People from all over the world and every culture you can imagine walk through those doors. We got back yesterday, tired but glad it’s over and things are seeming okay.

As we’ve been having so much rain, Will hasn’t been able to get started haying but today we have a cloudy but supposedly rain-free four days in a row. So he started haying on our place, cutting the clover on our new forty acres that he cleared four years ago. Wow, you wouldn’t recognize the field. Where it used to be scattered grass, weeds, and wild strawberries, now it’s hip-high, lush clover. And where there used to be only willow brush, a few scattered small poplar trees, and swamp, there is now a five-acre patch of oats/clover/grasses planted and laying down for hay. It’s simply amazing; just clearing that land dried it out. And adding manure last year made it rich enough to support a nice hay field. Another win for “mo’ poo poo,” our farm’s motto!

I want to thank everyone who responded for Javid’s need for a tablet or laptop. A nice fellow is sending a used but usable laptop to Javid and another lady generously sent a check for us to buy him a new one. (We’ll hold it until the first one shows up … just in case it doesn’t happen, then return it to her with our profuse thanks.) We’re really overwhelmed by all of your generosity! We thank each and every one of you. — Jackie


  1. Gem.

    Our prayers are with you and your granddaughter, today and all the tomorrows. Definitely. Please, readers, add your prayers. They really do work!

  2. The field looks marvelous, I remember the pictures you took during it’s clean up phase. It’s nice, and so lush.
    Now I have a big favor to ask of everyone, it appears my oldest grand has come down with leukemia, and I think prayers will greatly help her situation. We’re awaiting final news of the biopsy tomorrow, but all signs seem to point that way. If so, they were lucky to catch it in it’s early stages, and her age and general health are points in her favor. Thanks! I would appreciate it.

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