The pumpkin/corn patch is now fenced — 4 Comments

  1. I think that Krystal has been a blessing and has been blessed, too. She is one hard working lady, and to think of all the knowledge she is gaining this summer to help her along her own life path, it’s been wonderful to watch from afar. Please let her know how nice it has been to watch her progress and see her willingness to tackle everything side by side with you and Will, through your pictures.
    Dad and I are still inching our way through our freezers, still canning meat and making what I call pop top meals – the soups, and chili’s and such – making life easier for us at meal times. He’s grateful as mom’s abilities have been steadily decreasing. But it’s also FUN! for both of us. Sharing time and passing on stories of times past has been great. My family lore journals just keep growing along with the canned goods, lol.
    I was proud to hear that Will’s health hasn’t deteriorated, and my prayers are for more good check-ups in the future. I hope you are doing well, TOO. Thank you for the prayers for my granddaughter. She has made it through the first round of chemo, and we are awaiting the results. She is one strong young lady.

  2. 6′ fences don’t stop Missouri deer…especially if there are sweet potato plants growing on the other side…or apple drops…or corn…

  3. The deer are monsters – that fence looks great.

    I don’t know if even a fence could contain our Seminole pumpkin and calabaza vines this year.

    I’m hoping to get in a round of peppers this fall. Keep it up with the great photos!