I had to run to town for feed and when I got back, Will had the whole seed rack assembled in the sunroom/greenhouse. But when I took hold of one end, I wondered if just the two of us could possibly turn it upright! It was heavy and both of us have bad backs. But Will is a work-smart kind of guy and suggested he lift it a bit from the center, while I stuffed paint cans first under the top corners, one at a time, then repeated it, moving the cans closer to center. That went okay and when it was time to set it upright. I stood on the bottom while he lifted from the top center. As he lifted, I shoved the wheeled bottom toward him and … up it came, easy as pie. Wow, was I ever glad! (I had visions of crashing or a trip to the hospital for Will…) So yesterday, I moved the entire contents of the small, old seed rack, plus seeds from here and there all over the house (it seemed) onto the rack, not only in alphabetical order but also by species groups such as pumpkins/squash, peas, beans, etc. It’s so handy for us to fill orders — now if I can get our seed catalog finished and in to the printers.


(I’ve also been working on a Backwoods Home project too! Can’t tell, but it’s coming along fine.) Will is working on our new fridge, trying to determine just what is wrong. Hopefully we can escape paying $1,000 for a new cooling unit.

Don’t forget to browse through my books when you’re thinking about buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. (Hint, hint!) Book sales sure help out our homestead efforts every day.

I recently had good news. I’ve been accepted into membership of the Western Writers of America. This is an honor for me, to be sure! — Jackie


  1. All,

    Thanks so much for your congratulations. I’m real happy too. Now if those books all sell well…… Hey guys, Christmas is coming…. lol

  2. TXCOMT,

    Thanks for the Congrats.

    Yep, I understand the limitations thing. Luckily, my son, Bill, is a certified Norcold technician and was able to contact the manufacturers for the reset code. Boy was that a complicated code!! Do this for two seconds when it reads that, push the button till it reads that, then hold for five seconds and push another button, then…… I’m not kidding! A five minute sequence! Holy mackerel! But Will got it done and it works great. Whew!!!

  3. zelda,

    Yep, we knew that. Not the problem. Actually, a kinked gas line turned out to be the culprit, plus some messed up code in the refrigerator. Now it’s working great!

  4. So wonderful for you, Jackie! Bust a button cuz you deserve it.

    Love love love the seed rack! Nice work, Will

  5. Congratulations on your acceptance into the Western Writers association. I love the series. The seed rack is wonderful. I’m thinking great idea for this quilters fabric stash. LOL

  6. Every year, I try to buy myself some little something for Christmas. Today my gift to self arrived in the mail….copies of all three of your books. I can’t wait to settle down with the first book. Jackie, I am so in awe of everything you and Will do…..and you write fiction books, too……oh, my. My daughter and I hang on your every word, and we refer to you as “my friends, Jackie and Will”.

  7. Congrats, JC, on the WWA acceptance! That’s a nice accomplishment.

    As for the fridge, just remember to be careful not to tinker with it too much…I’m a writer myself and one of my specialties is the RV industry. Too many times, motorhome and travel trailer owners think they can shade-tree RV appliances, then end up wrecking them beyond all hope. If they had only gone to a bonafide RVIA-certified tech in the first place, they would’ve saved lots of time and money.

    In other words, a man’s gotta know his limitations!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Wow, Will what a beautiful job that seed rack is, great functional design. I’ll take one when you start making them for sale.

    Standard refrigerators and freezers usually have to be transported standing up to avoid damaging the compressor/condenser/cooling system from oil that goes into lines where it shouldn’t when the unit is lying down. I would suppose the manufacturer of your unit has a web page with transport instructions and maybe a helpful troubleshooting guide.

  9. The new seed rack looks amazing! What an honor for you to be accepted into the Western Writers Group! Sending you huge congrats from Canada.

  10. Oh Jackie!! Congratulations on your good news about acceptance to the Western Writers group. You work so hard and give 100% on every project that you take on. I’ve started the first book and I’m enjoying it….and I’m not a reader.

    Wishing you, and all of yours, the very best for the holidays and the upcoming year.

  11. Miss Jackie, I am so pleased for your acceptance into the Western Writers group!!!!! I am as proud of your accomplishment as if it had happened to my sister! But what took them so long,,,,,The first Jess Hazard book clinched my belief in your ability to skillfully craft words as a novelist!!!! Such a mentor!!!!!
    I hope there are some significant write-ups in trade journals and in other prestigious and conspicuous places…. With much regard, Rick

  12. Wow Jackie, this is great news! You deserve it, it should open a lot great opportunities for you.

    I am proud to say I “know” you, a ‘Real’ Author. Although we all know you have been for years and love each and every book you write for us.

    Take care,


  13. Congratulations Jackie ,
    I love the Jess Hazzard series and more importantly the Western Writers of America think the same! An old saying that if you need something done ask a busy person makes me think of you and Will, I sometimes wonder if you ever meet your shadows coming or going.
    Enjoy your hard won success you have definitely earned it.
    ps: I borrow many of your other books on Amazon.

  14. Congratulations, what an honor for a *beginning* author, makes for a very proud moment. Love the new seed shelving unit, and it has room to spare. You and Will prove hard work and persistence pay off, for sure.

  15. Gosh, that Will is a handy guy. Wish I could find one of those! Lol, I read your blog every day but don’t usually post a comment. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy it.

  16. Congratulations on the affiliation with the Western writers, what an accomplishment. I am continually surprised and amazed at your energy to do all that you and Will do and get done! I think if they took my television away I would get more done.

  17. Congratulations on your membership of the Western Writers, I just finished your latest book Winter of the Wolves and I loved it as much as I did the previous books. You deserve you spot in the Western Writers…

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