The Orr Center Homesteading and Sustainable Living Expo was a great success — 6 Comments

  1. Rick,

    I’m so happy the Providers are providing for you as they do us! Mine gave me so many beans I gave up and let them go to seed. I ran out of room to put the jars!!! (I’m sneaking jars onto the shelves Will built and said “These are NOT for food!” He hasn’t complained yet…. We too love the Provider’s taste and meatiness as well as them putting on beans until it freezes…hopefully weeks down the pike.

  2. Deb,

    We were real happy to get to meet you! It’s the biggest reason we do these shows. We feel that all like minded folks are connected and family too. Looking forward to seeing you next year!!

  3. Don,

    No, Don, he wasn’t bluffing; the tomatoes are huge. Check out the new blog for proof. And I couldn’t get the tape measure into the cage of the biggest one! Yeah, our leaves are starting to turn; birch and maple. Sigh. We need a longer fall!!!

  4. Miss Jackie, Wow those are some lovely yellow climbing beans! I plant bush beans every year. If we keep some water on them in dry times and keep the bean beetles at bay, they rebloom. Last year I had 4 successive crops from a 15 foot row of blue lakes….But they don’t like hot weather and drop a lot of blossoms in the heat. I tried the provider beans this year and they have done very well. I have kept the beetles picked off and watered them a few times. Despite the unusual amount of heat and drought, they are putting out fresh growth, and blossoms. They seem to tolerate heat better than the blue lakes and I like the sweet taste as well as the blue lakes. Thanks!!!! You’ve given me another winner! Rick

  5. Tim & I attended the Expo and learned a lot! Thanks Jackie & Will for taking time out to do these learning expos. It was great to finally meet you both as we are big fans and are always reading everything you write! We look forward to next years expo in Orr, MN. Its only a little over an hour drive for us. Again Thanks. Deb

  6. I want photo evidence of this monster tomato. I will not take my fathers word for it he likes to bluff sometimes. Love you and miss you guys. The feilds and gardens look amazing. I notice every year everything gets better. Love you guys.
    Ps our leaves are turning and starting to drop