I just thought I’d share a few of the photos I took on Sanibel Island. We sure had fun and got to see a lot of things that were totally new to me. It was like going to a foreign country! — Jackie


  1. It is a different world down here, isn’t it? I grew up in the north, and then spent a decade in the midwest, before we bought our dream homestead here in Mississippi. I love it down here, although the summers are brutal, and I have a LOT to learn about southern gardening. We have anoles and lizards of all sorts scampering around here all summer long…. and the gulf coast is certainly a sight to see. I’m glad you got to come down south and see our part of the world.

  2. Randy,

    Thank you so much. We learn new things every single day we’re on this planet. And I know I have a lot of fun doing so. It means a lot to have my BHM family out there for me.

  3. Laurie,

    A long time ago, I had two anoles as pets and had lots of fun helping them find food. Such quick little buggers!

  4. Jackie I’ve been following you on backwoods home for close to twenty years
    I have been reading your book summer of the Eagles you are one of the most tanented people I know your book was amazing your homesteading knowledge is on tract with your amazing talent I could put you anywhere in any environment anywhere and you’d come out on top thank you so much for being my mentor all theses years
    Randy Ward Springfield Ohio
    Much much reaspect

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