JACKIE & WILL'S SEED TREASURES. We've updated the Seed Treasures website for 2016-2017 and you'll find a whole lot of new seeds we've trialed this summer.  We raise most of the heirloom and open pollinated seeds right on our Northern Minnesota homestead, harvesting the seeds by hand, the old-fashioned way.  Our seeds are from beautiful, very tasty, hardy varieties that will do well in almost every climate out there, as praised by our customers.  Some varieties are so rare they're teetering on the brink of extinction. If the crops are not productive, they are not offered by us!  After all, we're homesteaders first. You'll find our prices right, as is our shipping.  So please come take a look at  www.seedtreasures.com.  If you can't access our website, just e-mail us for the listing at seedtreasures[at]yahoo.com.


  1. Bill,

    Thank you so much! We try to send out orders the next day after receiving them unless we get them on Friday; no post offices open around here over the weekend. I wish you great gardening this year. I know we’re already looking forward to it very much….through three feet of snow.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your fast processing of my recent seed order, such exemplary service is becoming a rare commodity these days.
    I am looking forward to trying the new(To Me) varieties of vegetables you’ve made available. Thank you

  3. Good news all,

    I’ve been updating our website, adding dozens and dozens of new seeds for you to try. All we are offering performed wonderfully for us and are really worthwhile additions to your garden. It’ll be awhile before our catalog is done but you can browse and order from the website meanwhile.

  4. Linna,

    We wondered WHERE our subscription came from!!! Thank you so much. We LOVE Farm Show. As Will is always creating something, he gets plenty of ideas in there. The article sure helped boost our seed business!

  5. Hi Jackie, I just wanted to say that I was happy to see your article on Hopi Grey Squash in the latest issue of Farm Show magazine. I sent you a subscription to that magazine a year ago in thanks for your great seeds. I get lots of good ideas from it. Linna

  6. All,

    We’re geared up and running for Spring 2016!!! We are even putting out our very first catalog of our listings. How exciting.

  7. Christine,

    Wow, I’m glad you didn’t pull your naked bean plants too! Just wait till they set beans. Stand back!

    Happy to hear your squash are pumping out little squash. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they get big! Happy gardening.

  8. Jackie,
    I just had to tell you of my experience with your Provider Bean seeds and your Hopi Pale Grey Squash seeds. I planted them and was so thrilled when they came up like gangbusters! Then a ground hog found a hole in the garden fence and picnicked on my plants right down to the stems! I was heartsick! But I didn’t pull the stems up and lo and behold a week later tiny leaves appeared again and now the plants are lush, green and beautiful! The squash have blossoms and many, many squash on them already! I can’t believe how they bounced back from that munching experience! I have never had plants rebound like that. I’m so happy I didn’t just pull them and give up on it! Needless to say there is no more hole in the fence! Thank you Jackie, I am so pleased with these seeds.

  9. Jenifer,
    I’m so glad to hear your seeds have done so well! We love to help folks grow better gardens and be able to save seeds too!

  10. Everything we purchased has done amazingly well. We are more than pleased and will definitely be return customers. Thanks Jackie and Will!

  11. Cindi,

    Thank you for letting us know how your seeds did. I hope they’ll produce as many wonderful tomatoes for you as they do us (with minimal care!). Keep us posted.

    Just a note to everyone: We still have a good supply of most seeds should you need a few to fill out some empty space in your garden or to stock up for future use.

  12. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my seed purchase! Every Bill Bean and Punta Banda seed I planted germinated. All of my past attempts at starting seedlings with store bought seeds ended in failure/poor growth. These seedlings are vigorous and growing like mad! My biggest fear – transplanting, which was usually the kiss of death – saw them shoot up over six inches (with thick, healthy stems) in the span of a single week! Thank you so much!

  13. Kathleen,

    Please let us know how that works. I don’t have any experience with freeze dried seeds. Frozen seeds germinate perfectly and this is a great way to ensure long-term storage of your seeds.

  14. Reese,

    So far, Seed Treasures doesn’t have a FB page. I’m not so hot at social media!!! But thanks for the thought. (Luckily, my publisher established a FB page for Summer of the Eagles!) I’m glad you like Eagles and hope you’ll also love the others in the series.

  15. Jackie – I want to share your seed site on Facebook – but don’t see how to do it? Also – love the novel – cant wait to order it! Living in the country we have over an hour to work, so we read to each other, this one is definitely on the list!

  16. Your seeds sprouted quickly and are very healthy!

    (much better than seeds from some other places which will remain nameless lol)

    Boxcar willies are growing very well and i also put in some Bloomsdale spinach which sprouted in the garden 2 days ago. Will be planting your Kuroda carrots soon.

    can I upload pictures here? I can do that if you would like to see them

    Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you :)

  17. All our seeds purchased from you are planted in the greenhouse and direct in the garden. I’ve never had seeds pop up so quickly. Wow.

  18. Kathleen ,

    I’ve never heard of freeze drying seeds but keeping them frozen in your freezer is a long-time option for keeping seeds viable for decades, if necessary. Let us know how your freeze drying works.

  19. Hey Jackie, Owner of Harvest Right Home freezedryer said on the Dr Prepper CPR program few weeks back that seeds can be freezedried safely and then germinate. I dont know what that rate is? He also said when storing the FD seeds not to add anti Oxygen, but I assume dessicant is fine. I have one of those Harvest Right Freeze Dryers and am in process of testing this. If this works, the seeds will store for a much longer time. My concern has been for those open pollinating rares.

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